Commentationes Mathematicae

Commentationes Mathematicae (Prace Matematyczne) is an international journal for mathematical research. Its main area of interest includes functional analysis, operator theory, approximation theory, differential and functional equations, theory o real functions, measure and integration theory, theory of complex functions and analytic number theory. However, outstanding papers from other areas of mathematics are also considered for publication.

Vol 55, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Henryk Hudzik – vita et opera
Mieczysław Mastyło, Julian Musielak 45−78
On the dependence of parameters in the equivalence theorem for the real method
Fernando Cobos, Luz María Fernández-Cabrera, Georgi E. Karadzhov, Thomas Kühn 79−87
A survey on Lipschitz-free Banach Spaces PDF
Gilles Godefroy 89−118
Landau-type theorem for variable Lebesgue spaces
Lech Maligranda, Witold Wnuk 119−126
Characterization of singular traces on the weak trace class ideal generated by exponentiation invariant extended limits
Fedor Sukochev, Alexandr Usachev 127−145
On \(\ell_{q}\)-strictly singular operators on variable exponent spaces
Carlos Buelga, Francisco L. Hernandez 147−155
On orthogonally additive injections and surjections
Karol Baron 157−162
On two functional equations connected with distributivity of fuzzy implications
Roman Ger, Marcin Emil Kuczma, Wanda Niemyska 163−169
Uniform \(\lambda\)-property in \(L^1\cap L^\infty\)
Adam Bohonos, Ryszard Płóciennik 171−181
Geometric properties of Orlicz spaces equipped with \(p\)-Amemiya norms − results and open questions
Marek Wisła 183−209
Local structure of generalized Orlicz−Lorentz function spaces
Paweł Kolwicz 211−227
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