Vol 10 (2016) , 223-229

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The two Warsaw

Jan Waszkiewicz

Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.14708/am.v10i0.1545


The current text is a review of an essay titled „Dwie Warszawy” (Two Warsaws). „Dwie Warszawy” is one of four essays in history of mathematics by Jerzy Mioduszewski. In all of them the author shows, with great discernment, not only the crucial problems of development of mathematical notions, but also cultural as well as political conditions of practising mathematics and its involvements in historical processes. Thanks to employing the literary device of interior monologue of the heroes (or interlacing monologues) the author not only tries to penetrate the mentality of characters involved (and among them there are names of great significance for history of mathematics), but also deliver through them worthy thoughts and opinions – sometimes very deep, now and again risky, but always worth contemplating.

Keywords: mathematics of the twentieth century, biographies, Polish mathematics

Subject classification: 01A50, 01A55, 01A60


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[3] J. Waszkiewicz, Alfred Tarski – Życie i dzieło, Matematyka, 359 (2010), 2.

Pages: 223-229

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