Vol 46 (2018)


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Mathematical model of endothelial cell proliferation and maturation PDF
Piotr Bajger, Mariusz Bodzioch
The phylogenetic effective sample size and jumps PDF
Krzysztof Bartoszek
Analysis of global dynamics for HIV-infection of CD4+T cells and its treatment
Mariusz Badzioch, Marcin Choiński, Urszula Foryś
Mathematical model of bats' subpopulations development PDF(en)
Antoni Leon Dawidowicz, Anna Poskrobko
Monitoring of mean for asymmetric distributions. PDF
Malwina Kinga Gądek, Krzysztof J. Szajowski
Method for mass spectrometry spectrum deisotoping based on fuzzy inference systems
Anna Glodek, Joanna Polańska
A model for random fire induced tree-grass coexistence in savannas PDF
Paweł Klimasara, Marta Tyran-Kamińska
On the nonlocal discretization of the simplified Anderson-May model of viral infection PDF
Adam Korpusik, Marek Bodnar
Single stranded-DNA detection: the role of Wip1 in ATR-dependent pathway
Monika Kurpas, Katarzyna Jonak, Krzysztof Puszynski
The interplay between stochastic gene switching and certain metronomics therapies.
Krzysztof Puszynski
Ananysis of a predator-prey model with disease in the predator species
Piotr Radziński, Urszula Foryś
Nonparametric estimation of quantile versions of the Lorenz curve PDF
Agnieszka Magdalena Siedlaczek
Composition of wavelet and Fourier transforms PDF
Mariusz Ziółko, Marcin Witkowski, Jakub Gałka

DYNAMIC GAMES: Special Issue

A Large Population Partnership Formation Game with Associative Preferences and Continuous Time
David Mark Ramsey
Strongly Time-Consistent Core in Differential Games with Discrete Distribution of Random Time Horizon
Anastasiya Pavlovna Malakhova, Ekaterina Victorovna Gromova
Common-Knowledge and Bayesian Equilibrium in Network Game
Takashi Matsuhisa


K-th Record Values and Their Basic Properties
Wiesław Dziubdziela


Selected applications of differential equations in Vanilla Options valuation. PDF(en+)
Grzegorz Piotr Krzyżanowski


The use of certain staffing requirements as a means of benchmarking academic staff structure
Virtue U Ekhosuehi, Sunday E. Omosigho


Conferences in Applied Mathematics PDF(DwuMIan) (Polski)
Łukasz Błaszczyk
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