Vol 5 (2011)

Antiquitates Mathematicae

The original version of these works appeared in  History of Polish Mathematics. (Dzieje matematyki polskiej.) (in Polish), Więsław, Witold (ed.), Institute of Mathematics, Wrocław University, Wrocław 2012, 311 p. (ISBN 978-83-910055-4-5). ZBL: 1258.01002

Table of Contents


E. E. Slutsky / W. Bortkiewicz: correspondence 1923-1928 PDF PDF(abs) (Polski)
Guido Rauscher, Oscar Sheynin, Claus Wittich 193–214
Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz: a scientific biography PDF PDF(abs) (Polski)
Oscar Sheynin 249–266
Georg Cantor. Biographical materials of his family and chaildhood in St. Petersburg archives PDF(RUS) (Polski) PDF ()
Galina Ivanovna Sinkevich 267-284


Education junior high school math teacher in Galicia in the years 1850-1918 PDF (Polski)
Krystyna Rakoczy-Pindor 163–172
Teaching algebra and calculus of probability in secondary Galicia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century PDF (Polski)
Krystyna Rakoczy-Pindor 173–191
Number theory in Francis Mertens' papers PDF (Polski) PDF(abs)
Andrzej Schinzel 215-226
Sierpinski's contribution to the number theory PDF (Polski) PDF(abs)
Andrzej Schinzel 227–236
Number theory and algebra in Salomon Lubelski's papers PDF (Polski)
Andrzej Schinzel 237–248
Society of sciences in Paris. I. Documents PDF (Polski)
Witold Więsław 285--298
Waclaw Sierpinski's works on real functions PDF(ABS) PDF (Polski)
Władysław Wilczyński 299--306


Prime numbers obsession PDF(abs) PDF (Polski)
Zdzisław Pogoda 307-308
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